Jeff Monaghan Art 

Welcome to the Website of Jeff Monaghan- Watercolour Artist

I hope that you enjoy what I do here,  although essentially the website has been created solely for my own amusement and to let my friends see my work.  Please feel free to browse through the gallery of paintings and sketches.   

I have always had an appreciation of art, and having been at one time a keen photographer and film developer, feel that I have had a natural progression towards painting. 

Working solely in watercolour,  I try to find time to paint every day, and a day would not pass without my being in the studio at some stage. 
I consider a sketchbook to be an essential tool and always try to have one close at hand.  It forms a major bridge in the completion of any of my work.   I find enjoyment in strong colours, and in the unpredicable nature of the watercolour medium.   Hot Mediterranean colours are a particular passion at this stage of my painting.    I don't have deep core feeling that drives my art, but know that life for me would not be the same without it.